Opulent Academy

Opulent Academy is one of the few endeavours of Opulent Infotech Pvt. Ltd. aiming to revolutionise education sector in India. Opulent Academy has course structure designed in order to suit industry need. By bridging the gap between Industry and Academia, we will make Engineering Students industrious & employable. Get more information, news and updates on our blog here.

Skill Based Training & Advanced Courses

Opulent Academy offers variety of basic & advanced level courses through innovative and comprehensive methods that help students enhance professional skills. We largely focus on skill based training of students, leading to higher chances to be placed in industry faster and better. We also offer internship programs, logic building sessions and HR Workshops for removing industry entry barrier for students. Counselling sessions & advise on what's trending in industry & good for your career in the field of Software, Electronics or Mechanical - is absolutely free for students with science background at Opulent Academy! Happy learning!


This part of Opulent Academy features mentoring students on their ideas. Yes, converting ideas into practical, working prototypes via academic projects!! Academic projects have lost their charm in students but in reality, can actually help one achieve the unthinkable. Whether you are opting for placements, higher studies or even a business of your own! Don’t believe us? Instagram, Google, LISP, Green Water project etc. are giants in the field of innovation and technology and they all began as Academic projects! Get innovative, explore new dimensions!


Working with industry experts on developing the academic projects


Best students will be given placement offers best projects will be given investment offers


Conducting our own exhibitions and competitions also encouraging participation in other events.


Workshop on presentation skills to help in competitions and career.


Workshop on how to file for patents, commercialize the project and start a business.


Workshop on how to identify problems and find solutions


Comprehensive training on technologies used in the academic project


Workshop on choosing the best current technologies to learn and use in the academic project


Placement Opportunities

From the students interested and qualified for placements, Opulent and our associate companies will recruit students in core and other interesting profiles.


The best teams and ideas will be funded and mentored by Opulent and launched as startups. Petricore, a startup accelerator and Opulent’s partner will also help sustain and grow the startup in its initial stage, when the probability of failing is high!


Those who want to ply their trade as freelancers, will be mentored and helped to get started.